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Hello I'm Kate...

A Certified Sleep Consultant, Specialist Early Years Practitioner and Developmental Psychologist with over 15 years of early years experience.

Dozetildawn is a sleep clinic that helps exhausted families establish better sleep routines. Our services offer personalised plans for families to help them get the rest they need. Run by me Kate Hawker,  your consultant and certified sleep expert who can help your family get the sleep they need. Get in touch today to learn more...


I’m so excited to join you on your journey...


Let’s face it, bringing up children is hard enough without having to do it on an empty tank! Whether it’s multiple night wakes, short naps, or being fed to sleep, I am here to support you on your journey to a better family rhythm where everyone can get the rest that they deserve and need.


Good sleep is essential for good mental and physical health and a happy family and can be achieved in a short time period with some simple practical changes and advice. I want to help you feel more rested, reclaim your time with your partner and give you back the energy to enjoy your little ones. 

Becoming a new parent can be tough...

When we had our first child our world was turned upside down into (what seemed) a never ending cycle of difficulty breastfeeding, hopelessly winding, rocking to sleep to only have a baby on top of us for half an hour before she woke up again screaming. It was far from the happy time we had imagined, and I wish I had known then what I know now, and where to seek support. Endless doctors told us “the colic will pass”, but at that time it seemed like an eternity watching an unhappy baby. By 3 months she was finally sleeping a couple of hours at a time at night, but I felt broken and struggled to have the energy to enjoy our time together fully.


Sleep Support is at hand...

Thankfully things were very different with our second child, and we were much more prepared to reach out for support. We did some gentle sleep practice with her for the first few months and had her sleeping through the night when we moved her into her own room at 6 months which was our personal preference. I still very much enjoy choosing to have the odd contact nap with her at 18 months, but enjoy the flexibility of being able to choose. 


Seeing sleep shaping work so well for our second child, gave me the motivation to train as a sleep coach, and knowing how incredibly tough it can be with a newborn with comfort difficulties, I chose my course carefully to include training on reflux, tongue tie, feeding difficulties, intolerances and many other factors which affect sleep to ensure that I could help from a holistic viewpoint.

Every family is unique...

Different babies and different families have different needs. There is no one routine that fits all, and no “right way” of doing things. What works for your family, is what is best for you and that is what I will help you achieve.


Getting a deep understanding of your little ones history and journey so far is essential to know their medical background as well as their temperament and your family needs. Each consultation is personal followed by a personalised plan put together in collaboration with you, so that it fits with your lifestyle, your goals and your parenting style. My style is supportive, empathetic, personalised and straightforward.


Whether you choose to co-sleep for 12 months or want your little one sleeping in their own room early on, I am here to support you to do things in a way that you are comfortable with and which suit your little one. 


Types Of Help Provided

Sleep Routine Establishment

Sleep Hygiene Education

Personalized Sleep Plans

Consultation and Support

Sleep Coaching for Babies and Children

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