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What is a Baby Sleep Coach?

Also known as a Sleep Fairy, Baby Sleep Consultant or Sleep Trainer, a baby sleep coach is a certified professional dedicated to providing expert guidance and tailored solutions for parents struggling with their infant's sleep patterns. These coaches employ evidence-based techniques to address sleep challenges and establish healthy sleep routines, ensuring both parents and babies get the rest they need.

“Sleep coaching is about considering all factors that can affect sleep, creating a safe and secure bedtime routine and teaching infants to happily self settle to sleep.”

Kate Hawker
Doze til Dawn baby sleep consultant

Baby sleep training

Baby sleep training involves implementing sleep routines  which work for the family and help the child. It is about teaching techniques to help infants develop healthy sleep habits. This includes establishing regular day naps, creating conducive sleep environments, and teaching self-settling skills. The benefits extend to the entire family, as well-rested babies tend to be happier, more alert, and have improved cognitive development. Parents also benefit from more uninterrupted sleep, leading to enhanced well-being and reduced stress levels. A well-rested family experiences improved physical and mental health, fostering a harmonious household dynamic and stronger parent-child bonds. Infant sleep coaching lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy sleep patterns, benefiting both the child and their caregivers.

Ensuring better quality sleep

The primary goal of a baby sleep coach is to help families achieve better sleep quality through personalised sleep plans. These plans are designed with consideration of the baby's age, developmental stage, and individual needs, while also taking into account the parent's lifestyle and preferences.


Using tried and tested techniques

As a baby sleep coach, I work with the family to decide on an appropriate sleep coaching approach. Some families are ready to make quick progress and prefer a comforted cry approach, whereas many will opt for more gradual soothing techniques. Age-appropriate sleep schedules teach infants healthy sleep habits and mean that they are set up for good quality sleep overnight. I offer invaluable advice on creating optimal sleep environments and tailored plans.

For Parents seeking a well-rested and harmonious family dynamic

Additionally, I provide ongoing support and troubleshooting for any setbacks or challenges that may arise during the sleep coaching process. This includes addressing issues like night wakings, sleep regressions, and nap transitions. I am always only an email or WhatApp away for any questions or reassurance needed as families implement their plans.

By working with me, parents can experience a significant improvement in their baby's sleep patterns, leading to a more rested and contented household. The benefits extend beyond just the baby's well-being, positively impacting the entire family's overall quality of life. A baby sleep coach is a valuable resource for parents seeking a well-rested and harmonious family dynamic.

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