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Better Sleep for The whole Family

Doze til Dawn Baby and Toddler Sleep Clinic


Here to help you get the rest you need...

Are you starting each day exhausted?

Multiple night wakes and unpredictable naps?

Little one getting too heavy to be rocked or fed to sleep? 

Reaching breaking point and wishing your child would sleep through the night? 

Having little ones can feel relentless, especially if you are not getting the much needed rest that you all require to enjoy your days together. Let me support you and your little one to gain better sleep and restored energy levels.

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Meet Kate Hawker - Certified Paediatric Sleep Coach, Specialist Early Years Practitioner and Developmental Psychologist with over 15 years of early years experience. 

Offering over the phone support as well as home visits around Oxford, Reading, Henley and Newbury

What Clients Say

"Kate was absolutely brilliant and we really can't recommend her enough. Our little one was quite a complex case due to medical issues, but Kate had depth of knowledge and strategies that allowed our little one to go from multiple night wakes and not napping, to sleeping through the night and napping in his own cot after one night! We were so grateful for the tailored advice and support Kate gave us; Kate responded so quickly whenever we needed her. We felt that we were in the best of hands to guide us through our sleep training journey. Thank you so much Kate for giving us out sleep back!"

 Dom, Ottile & Baby Elliot
(5 Months) - Oxfordshire

Support I Provide

I am here to support every stage of new family life

Supporting Families

  • I will help your family as individuals with personalised advice and support based on your little ones history and your parenting style.

  • I will consider your child’s needs holistically and give you personalised advice and support.

  • I will empower you and give you confidence to make the right changes for you AND be there every step of the way.

  • I will never tell you to shut the door on your little one and leave them to cry themself to sleep.

  • I will never advise you to stop something that you want to continue. There is no “right way”.

I am here to support you while you make a positive change, your way, to achieve your family sleep goals.


Family Well-Being

What makes me different?

There are multiple factors which affect sleep. From pregnancy and birth through to latch, diet, and physiology, many things need to be considered in order to create a plan which will work for your child as well as your family. We know that sleep is very closely linked to feeding and gut comfort, so you can expect my background questioning to be thorough in order to consider all avenues and for my advice and support to be tailored to your individual needs.


There is no one plan fits all, and no one best way of doing things. I will support you to make positive changes, for your family, your way. Having little ones can feel relentless, especially if you are not getting the much needed rest that you all need to enjoy your days together. 

What To Expect

From working with me you can expect; 

  • To enjoy your precious days parenting once more.

  • To be able to put your little one to bed and leave them to go to sleep.

  • Longer stretches of sleep at night.

  • A happier, well rested baby.

  • A predictable routine allowing you to reclaim your own time. 

  • Quality time for you and your partner.

  • To gain confidence in improving sleep. 

  • Your child to sleep independently. 


My Approach

3 Simple Steps to improving sleep


I will listen holistically about your journey so far to learn about your little one and your family’s individual needs. There will be an opportunity to ask lots of questions. 


Together, we will create a personalised plan which fits in with your lifestyle, parenting ideals and one that you feel empowered to implement.


I am here to personally support you as you implement your plan and answer any questions that come up. We will refine our plan to ensure that everyone is getting the best sleep possible. I will leave you confident and armed with knowledge to continue your journey as a family.

“Sleep is the single most effective thing we can do to reset our brain and body health each day.”

Matthew Walker
Director of the Centre for Human Sleep Science, University of California. Author of 'Why We Sleep'.

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